The ideal solution for all your needs in terms of external security: our perimeter protection systems are expanding our range to help protect the outer perimeter of your premises. They allow you to get an effective alert in order to act, reducing the risk of potential damage.


Electric Fence

A powerful intruder deterrent, electric fence security product can be attached to an existing fence or used as a stand-alone fence. Any attempt to cut or climb the electric fence is met by a non-lethal but very unpleasant shock. Attempts to short circuit, reduce the voltage or breach the fence in any way can generate an instant


Fence detection system

Through the use of a cable connected to an alarm system, an intruder attempting to cut, climb or lift the mesh of the fence immediately trigger an


Infrared beams detectors

They detect intruders as soon as they enter a protected area and before they can approach people or valuables. They offer a high level of security: Crossing active infrared beams in a protected area triggers an


Motion Detectors

Innovative outdoor PIR mirror detector, comprehensively addresses properties security needs for accurate intruder detection with minimum false alarms. They features several innovative technologies to overcome demanding outdoor challenges such as rain, direct sunlight, animals, changes of light levels and