Brink’s is the first provider in manned security in Mauritius with around 2,200 security guards on more than 600 sites which include commercials, hotels, offices, industrial sites, government and parastatals.


Brink’s provides the best efficiency on all kind of site:

  • Schedule of procedures for each site.
  • 2 Regional Control Centres available 24/7.
  • Regular random controls by our Security team 24/7.
  • Mobile intervention team in case of problem.
  • A dedicated team for all sites.
  • Security guards in full uniform and equipped with defense and communication means.


Brink's employs and trains personnel to ensure the surveillance of hospitality, public, industrial and tertiary sector sites:

  • Mobile surveillance: patrols of the interior and exterior of the site (prevention, dissuasion, detection); 
  • Daily Operational Management of the site: Security Guard, Security Officer, Chief Security Officer, Site Security Manager, Segment Manager, Area Manager;
  • Alarm Response;
  • CCTV Operators;
  • Access Control;
  • Dog Handlers;
  • Life Savers;
  • Lifeguards.

Brink’s delivers various training and MQA approved trainings:


  • Safety and Health/Basic First Aid
  • First Aid Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Safety and Health Training
  • High Rise Building Safety Training
  • Fire Prevention Training
  • Tactical Training for Cabin Crew


Brink’s provides also events and exhibitions security:

  • Control of all accesses
  • People and vehicles optimized circulation


Leading as a specialist and professional, our services are based on five essential values:

Your environment knowledge: Your security environment is totally dependent of your mode of operations. As such, any implementation is personalized in accordance to your business scope, the typology of the environment and the social structure of your business.

Understanding your expectations: Prior to any implementation, we realize a security diagnosis which allows us to define your needs more precisely. Technical and electronic solutions are then proposed in perfect harmony with your expectations.

Sharing our experiences: Our experience in the security sphere which we gained in various sectors such as hotels, industries or HRB has led us to develop a full range of solutions around human surveillance. Thus, our know-how, combined with your own knowledge, help in optimizing together the overall quality and the economic performance of our services.

The respect of our commitments: In an evolving regulatory environment, the core values of Brinks revolve around several axes: a principle of ethics, a quality approach and a Human Resources policy carefully managed. The implementation of our services is also part of a continuous monitoring and reporting process.

The co-production of the services: Because the quality and relevance of our services also go through constant changes, this partnership is strengthened by our proactive proposals to enhance your security set-up.