Security guard, fund conveyor, money processing operator dabiste, dog, intervention agent, electronics technician, alarm operator (remote) operator or CCTV (video surveillance), as many professions that require solid training. Indeed, we must not forget that the security of property and individuals depends on these people and their role is therefore essential.


Brinks Mauritius pays particular attention to training its employees to offer its customers high quality services in all situations and to ensure its employees a development of their skills and a dynamic professional development. The agents that integrate Brink's Mauritius are chosen for their commitment, their expertise and talent.


Brinks Mauritius has its own training center, also called the Security & Risk Management Training Center Ltd. (SRMTC), for all employees and aims to help develop skills, increase performance and professionalize its achievements . The training is delivered by the MQA and validated materialize by obtaining a professional degree at the end of the course.