Our involvement


The private security in Mauritius is a professional sector which largely account service delivery companies and employing over 8,000 people. These prevention and safety activities of the private sector are regulated by two laws: first the "Private Security Services Act" (PSSA) 2004 Security Guards and then the Remuneration Order Regulations 986 which also depends on the Employment Rights Act 2008.

The PSSA 2004 was enacted in 2008 and applies to all private security companies operating in Mauritius. Certification approved by the Commissioner of Police is required to create or take over a private security firm under the provisions of the PSSA. Certification is renewable annually which involves regular monitoring of local authorities for validation.

Similarly, any person wishing to work in a private security company duly registered under the PSSA, must obtain a license (certificate of registration) renewable annually and an identification badge. The demand for these amenities with the Police Commissioner must meet mandatory criteria and include a certificate of professional competence and medical certificate validating professional competence.


Our commitment


In strict compliance with the Private Security Services Act 2004, to integrate Brinks Mauritius, all candidates must show a clean criminal record and professional ability, through training, to get his license (certificate of registration). We thus a rigorous and appropriate structure to help all those wishing to join Maurice Brink's to get their business card. For this, we organize targeted recruitment interviews, security and strict professional references checks with the consent of the candidate and offer them vocational training adapted and delivered by security experts whose program and trainers are recognized by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA). The validation of these steps and will begin the application license (certificate of registration) with the Police Commissioner.


Once the license (Certificate of Registration) obtained the renewal is due each year and asked for at least three months before its expiry date. In case of non renewal of license (Certificate of Registration) by the Commissioner of Police, the holder can no longer carry on a private security activity from that date.