At Brink's, money processing is our business, and we believe we do it better than anyone else.

We have specially trained staff to handle large volumes of cash, and technologically advanced facilities to ensure money processing speed and accuracy with the security only Brink's can provide.


Our strength:

With unprecedented speed and accuracy we authenticate, count and sort cash detecting counterfeit bills.

Vault systems monitored by sophisticated surveillance and dedicated employees trained in security and firearms practices.

Bank services: Brink's provides cash shipment consolidation, Federal Reserve breakdowns, standing and on-demand change orders and coin sorting, counting, wrapping and storage services.

Daily receipt reconciliation and deposit preparation off site: Cashiers balance your receipts, prepare your deposits, and give detailed activity reports.

Deposit processing: Brink's provides one stop, integrated cash and check processing for branch, commercial, night drop contents, and other types of deposits.


Drive cost savings: With Brink's, you'll never have to worry about outdated cash handling equipment, expensive software upgrades or overcrowded facilities. You'll gain processing capacity and free up space and staff for more productive uses-such as servicing customers.

Lower risk: Exposure to both internal and external theft is dramatically reduced. Our advanced technology and tightly controlled processes minimize the potential for error and limit your employees' exposure to cash-handling risks.