Brink's (Mauritius) Ltd has concluded a contract for the purchase of the stock in trade of Reliance Security Services Ltd, a company specialized in guarding and security services, which took effect on February 15, 2016.

As mentioned in an article of the Mauritian daily newspaper Lexpress dated 01.23.2016, Reliance Security Services Ltd has been unable for several years to reach the critical mass of customers that would guarantee its operations viability and maintain its activity in the Private Security sector. To preserve employment and ensure continuity of the service to customers, the option of selling the business to Brink's (Mauritius) Ltd has been chosen.

With this approach, Brink's (Mauritius) Ltd has been able to offer continued employment to over 90% of the workforce of the company, maintaining their contractual conditions and seniority. Moreover, the direction of Brink's (Mauritius) Ltd has made every effort to make the operational transition happens in the best conditions for the customers.
For recall, Brink’s Mauritius employed over 2,350 people before the acquisition of Reliance, including about 2,100 security guards including CCTV operators and dog handlers.

This purchase is part of the development strategy of Brink’s Mauritius and Indian Ocean Group, and helps to strengthen its leadership in the Private Security Services.