Brink's is founded on a heritage of trust and a reputation as the most reliable name in the industry. We currently employ over 70,000 people worldwide, service customers in more than 100 countries. Today, thousands of companies across the globe entrust Brink's with their most precious assets.


The Brink’s Company


Based in Richmond, Virginia, The Brink’s Company (NYSE:BCO) is a global leader in security-related services for banks, financial institutions, mines, retailers, diamond and jewelry industries, pharmaceuticals and a variety of other commercial and governmental customers.

From armored transportation to cash management, our services also include money processing, long-distance transport of valuables, vaulting and other value-added solutions.

We deliver innovative services and solutions that contribute to critical business intelligence, improved productivity and enhanced security.


Brink’s, Incorporated


Brink’s, Incorporated is a leading provider of armoured car transportation, ATM servicing, currency and coin processing and other value-added services to banks, retailers and other commercial and governmental agencies around the world.

Brink’s, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Brink’s Company, a global leader in business and security services.

Since 1859, Brink's, Incorporated has developed a proud history of Service in the secure transportation and storage of money and valuables, evolving into the premier provider of secure logistics services around the world.