An automated and safe solution for retailers



Brink's CompuSafe® is a closed-loop cash management solution that eliminates deposit discrepancies, reduces theft and frees staff from the time intensive tasks of counting, recounting and auditing cash.

Brink's offers comprehensive line of intelligent safes designed for businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants, car washes, retailers, movie theaters, utility companies, and others that accept cash payments.

The CompuSafe® Solution includes:


1. Installation, maintenance and security of your smart safe by Brink's dedicated team.

2. Brink's Cash Management Services: cash in transit, money processing, electronic reports, Brink's insurance, banking consolidation, possibility of credit facilities with your bank partner.
A Better Way to Manage Cash:


Improved security and loss prevention: Exposure to internal and external theft is virtually eliminated.

Increased productivity: Free staff from performing time-intensive, non-core operating tasks such as counting cash, researching discrepancies and preparing deposits.

Cost savings: Brink's can serve as your central cash processing facility, enabling you to consolidate accounts at a single bank or, if you choose, multiple banks and save on banking and armored transportation costs.



Automated and outsourced management of central cash


Brink's support you in optimizing the management of your central cash by deploying a complete back-office solution that enables:

  • Cash float preparation early in the day (notes and coins); intraday money distribution; revenues deposit and valuation at the end of the day (coins and notes)
  • Interventions outsourcing for load shedding and provisioning
  • Cash chain optimization through remote piloting of coins and notes levels
  • Reliability of accounting data
  • Revenues evaluation
  • Technical maintenance and transmission of accounting data

The "plus" of the offer

A "turnkey" complete solution, from the provision of equipment to the operational management:

No investment in "hardware"

Optimization of funds collections and deliveries

Guarantee on funds deposit in accordance with contractual terms