By maximizing the effectiveness of your electronic security installation, Brink’s offers monitoring services with intervention in order to increase your peace of mind.


Secure monitoring centre equipped with state of the art technology


Remote monitoring and control facilities are optimized with internal security procedures and state of the art equipment placed in Brink’s monitoring centers.

Permanently managed by a dedicated team trained for this specific task and the surveillance of sensitive areas, the main tasks of the monitoring centre are defined as follows:

  • Remote monitoring of sites
  • 'Levee de doute' by CCTV
  • Monitoring of alarm systems
  • Interaction between the monitoring centre and customers sites
  • Real time positioning of vehicles (GPS)
  • Management of intervention patrols
  • Management of agents on sites


Secure Information Management in the monitoring centre:

Its technical infrastructures are also complemented by a strict service regulation which provides in details the rules and procedures to follow concerning the opening of the doors, the sorting of persons permitted to enter, the missions and reports of the staff assigned to the Centre's operations, as well as permanent control of patrols.

  • Business Continuity Plan of European standards
  • Permanent backup of database in real-time
  • Highly secured access under permanent surveillance
  • 24 Hr telephone and CCTV recording


Intervention: essential to your security


Once the verification is completed, a site response team is dispatched to the site. Its role is to find out causes of triggering alarm, thanks to:

  • Specific audit of the site features by Brink’s supervisors
  • Permanent GPS satellite-based fleet management of vehicles